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I Need A Day-Job

Posted by A.M. Wright on May 28, 2015 at 11:30 AM

The Job Search.


How goes it? I’ve sent out 15 applications. A reasonable estimate when I think back 24 days ago...I checked the Countdown app on my phone to be sure. A wonder of the technological world. Not only does it knock down the days until the event, but it keeps track of the time that has passed long after its end. Like my excitement in the coming days it now marks my anxiety.


May 3rd, 2015. Graduation Day.


To think that nearly a month ago I was 24 days naive. I thought it would be easy and to a degree, it has been. Scoping every career site I could sign up for and shipping out my application like an eager text message.


In that time, I have rewritten every cover letter to emphasize my skills and abilities that would most apply. Twice I wrote the wrong employer in the top left corner. Once I wrote the wrong date. Apparently April is not in May.


During and after each application I felt more accomplished. Ready to tackle the system. Make my mark. Be great!


Five employers have contacted me.


Three rejections: “We have reviewed your resume thoroughly and after much consideration, we feel that other applicants are better suited. We wish you luck in your future endeavors.” Each italic like a bee sting. One, two, three.


Two possibilities.


The other 10 are lost in the void. Shifted into the pile of misfit resumes. I picture a dim room. Dark and dusty, lights flickering, and one large file cabinet in the middle of disarranged folders. Papers scatter the floor stamped with big red “NO”s and footprints of those who passed through. It is the Applicants Cemetery. Where old resumes and cover letters go to rest.


(They should really have a janitor polish it up…)


I imagine that the drastic change that has come over me is due to the effects of the “Real World” setting in. I hear so much about it. It’s like a bedtime story. I liken it to tales told to children meant to keep them in line. In fear. It is Hushabye Mountain, a Castle In the Sky, the Boogeyman under your bed! The Real World. It is to be feared. To be respected. A pivotal turning point in the Heroes journey to find true happiness. Conquer it and you shall be granted everlasting wisdom, bragging rights, and a vacation home in Malibu. Though I would prefer somewhere cooler, like Alaska.


Born of frustration and anticipation. You never understand the craving of independence until it is staring you down in the mirror every morning. The pinging sound of another email a reminder that you rely on someone else’s judgment. The family home comfortable but suffocating. Four years ago my resolution was strong. Unwavering. I would graduate. Find a job. Move out, make something of myself, and bathe in the self-appraisal.


24 days naive. 24 days graduated. 15 applications, three rejections, and two possibilities. Repeat it like a mantra.


The job search.


How goes it?


It goes…

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